Web apps and services
for digital manufacturing

If you run a 3D print bureaus, Fabnami™'s e-commerce solution allows you to offer your services online via a full-featured, fully configurable e-shop and streamline your processes via a modern order-management app. Your customers will be able to upload STL files, choose print material and finishes and pay you via credit card, while Fabnami™'s engine checks the models' manufacturability, quotes the prints in real-time, optimizes the support material and highlights mesh defects. Fabnami™ allows you to save time, be more competitive and increase your margins. If you manage a model marketplace, a design repository or a online design app, you can use all functions of Fabnami's engine via a web API to ensure the models' quality and suitability for printing without any up-front investment in software or IT infrastructure. Fabnami™'s is the hosted, cloud-based data-processing engine and transactional backbone for digital manufacturing.

Sell online like a boss

With Fabnami™ you can accept orders online with a modern and fast user interface. Fabnami™ provides manufacturability checks, an advanced interactive 3D visualization, automatic repair of minor mesh defects, highly-configurable real-time quoting, model file storage, lead and order database.

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Save time and money

Fabnami™ helps your business become more competitive by automatizing and streamlining process from the preliminary model check to the beginning of the print. By reducing the labor needed to print a model, you can offer lower prices, improve your margins and serve a wider customer base.

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Connect and integrate

Fabnami™ provides you with an full-features API to let you clients and partners perform manufacturability checks, quotes and place orders. Fabnami™ also integrates the API of the leading 3D providers of 3D print as-a-service to let you widen your material, finish and process offer.

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3D interactive visualization.
It'll blow your mind.

People like to see what they're buying online. Fabnami™ includes a state-of-the art WebGL-based interactive viewer that displays the 3D models uploaded by your clients. If the optional mesh repair is enabled, the original and the automatically repaired models are visualized side-by-side.

Manufacturability checks.
See for yourself.

The 3D meshes submitted by your client are analyzed in real-time to measure all their geometric and topological features. Fabnami™'s configurable manufacturability checks, based on fast proprietary algorithms, spot within a few seconds all possible problems and prepare for you a complete online report.

3D print quoting.
Forget about Excel.

Provide automatic quotes to your clients. Fabnami™ lets you configure the price for 3D printing in any material and finish as well as added-value services based on any feature of the 3D model, including, but not limited to, volume, surface, bounding box, number of components and density. Let your business partners quotes prints via our web API and seamlessly integrate the APIs of market leaders like Shapeways and Sculpteo.